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To be on the anvil


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • To be on the anvil to be in a state of discussion, formation, or preparation, as when a scheme or measure is forming, but not matured.
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In literature:

Constitutions for the Colonies are now on the anvil; the discontented Colonies are all to be cured of their miseries by Constitutions.
"Latter-Day Pamphlets" by Thomas Carlyle
The Reconstruction of the Empire was on the anvil; what was to be India's place therein?
"The Case For India" by Annie Besant
He always had bits of verse on the anvil, ready to be hammered and polished at any moment.
"Alexander Pope" by Leslie Stephen
The iron of confidence, both to used and user, had to be welded with the first great blows on the anvil of war.
"Aviation in Peace and War" by Sir Frederick Hugh Sykes

In news:

Fluorescent ceiling lights beat down mercilessly on the stage setting that purports to be an office break room but feels more like an anvil.