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To be at loggerheads


  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • To be at loggerheads to quarrel; to be at strife.
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In literature:

The Squire and Ralph are at loggerheads, and seem to me to be getting matters snarled up.
"The Allen House" by T. S. Arthur
They seem to be at terrible loggerheads.
"The Strand Magazine, Volume V, Issue 25, January 1893" by Various
His ideal was to be more or less at loggerheads with everybody.
"Captain Macedoine's Daughter" by William McFee

In news:

With the Syrian government and rebels at diplomatic loggerheads and several members of the international community 'irreconcilable' on how to address the Syrian conflict, there seems to be no leverage in negotiating peace.
A loggerhead nest at Sullivan's Island is one of a record number of sea turtle nests to be reported in South Carolina this season.