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  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Thurst (Coal Mining) The ruins of the fallen roof resulting from the removal of the pillars and stalls.
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In literature:

She thurst it into Elnora's hand.
"A Girl Of The Limberlost" by Gene Stratton Porter
And such drynke quencheth thurste.
"The Old English Herbals" by Eleanour Sinclair Rohde
A solum female, lookin sumwhat like a last year's bean-pole stuck into a long meal bag, cum in and axed me was I a thurst and did I hunger?
"Why Lincoln Laughed" by Russell Herman Conwell
We say brid for bird, brun for burn, brunt for burnt, brast for burst, thurst for thrust, and some others.
"On Some Ancient Battle-Fields in Lancashire" by Charles Hardwick