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Samuel F. B. Morse


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n Samuel F. B. Morse United States portrait painter who patented the telegraph and developed the Morse code (1791-1872)
    • ***


In literature:

But Samuel F. B. Morse was the first to use electricity in a practical way.
"A Short History of the United States" by Edward Channing
Morse, Samuel F.B., 77.
"Scotland's Mark on America" by George Fraser Black
"The Beginner's American History" by D. H. Montgomery
In 1844 occurred the building of the magnetic telegraph, invented by Samuel F. B. Morse.
"Comic History of the United States" by Bill Nye
Samuel F. B. Morse was laughed at.
"True to His Home" by Hezekiah Butterworth
Samuel F. B. Morse was then following his profession as a painter in New York, and lectured upon art before the Athenaeeum.
"The History of Dartmouth College" by Baxter Perry Smith
The name of Samuel F. B. Morse was on every lip.
"The Child's Book of American Biography" by Mary Stoyell Stimpson
Among other replies to the circular letter of the secretary was one from Samuel F. B. Morse.
"Electricity and Magnetism" by Elisha Gray
The first commercially successful telegraph was devised in 1837 by Samuel F. B. Morse, an American.
"Great Inventions and Discoveries" by Willis Duff Piercy
Morse, Samuel F. B., 24.
"Under Four Administrations" by Oscar S. Straus
The first president of the new institution was Samuel F. B. Morse.
"Art in America" by Samuel Greene Wheeler (S.G.W.) Benjamin