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  • Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • ns Pan-Slavism a movement for the amalgamation of all the Slavonic races into one body, with one language, literature, and social polity
    • ***


In literature:

It was made to elect between pan-Slavism and pan-capitalism.
"After the Rain" by Sam Vaknin
For the time Pan-Slavism seemed moribund.
"The Development of the European Nations, 1870-1914 (5th ed.)" by John Holland Rose
Pan-Germanism has been described as one of the underlying motives in the world war, and Pan-Slavism has always opposed Pan-Germanism.
"Kelly Miller's History of the World War for Human Rights" by Kelly Miller
The growth of Pan-Slavism finally resulted in April, 1877, in Russia's declaration of war against Turkey.
"The Story of the Great War, Volume I (of 8)" by Various
Pan-Slavism, which was dominating the Russian policy to an ever greater degree, had positive anti-German tendencies.
"Current History, Vol. VIII, No. 3, June 1918" by Various