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  • Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Painter-stainer one who paints coats of arms, &c
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
O. Fr., pa.p. of Fr. peindre, to paint—L. pingĕre, pictum, to paint.


In literature:

He was called in those days a painter-stainer.
"Notes and Queries, Vol. IV, Number 89, July 12, 1851" by Various
Its members were the painters, guilders, stainers, and alabaster men of the city.
"The Thirteenth" by James J. Walsh
He was bred to the trade of a painter-stainer, and became free of that company in 1576.
"The Curiosities of Heraldry" by Mark Antony Lower
Painters Stainers Hall 8-17.
"Maps of Old London" by Anonymous
Richard Scarlet, citizen and painter stainer, of London, temp.
"Notes and Queries, Vol. V, Number 129, April 17, 1852" by Various