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Old Ironsides


  • Old Ironsides
    Old Ironsides
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n Old Ironsides a United States 44-gun frigate that was one of the first three naval ships built by the United States; it won brilliant victories over British frigates during the War of 1812 and is without doubt the most famous ship in the history of the United States Navy; it has been rebuilt and is anchored in the Charlestown Navy Yard in Boston
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In literature:

Old Ironsides, Thurston's mount, was not the sort to worry about anything but his feed, and paid no attention.
"The Lure of the Dim Trails" by by (AKA B. M. Sinclair) B. M. Bower
The torch passed down to him from his old Ironside ancestors, it still glowed.
"All Roads Lead to Calvary" by Jerome K. Jerome
Historical: Old Ironsides was the name given the frigate Constitution.
"Elson Grammar School Literature, Book Four." by William H. Elson
Montfitchet Tower was all that remained of the old castle destroyed by Cromwell's Ironsides.
"The Reason Why" by Elinor Glyn
Then we can hike through the notch and reach the far slope of Old Ironsides before dark.
"The Young Wireless Operator--As a Fire Patrol" by Lewis E. Theiss
He was received with enthusiasm, and "Old Ironsides" got the reputation of being invincible.
"American Men of Action" by Burton E. Stevenson
I've heard that old Ironsides has no less than five rich livings in his gift.
"Mark Hurdlestone" by Susanna Moodie
My father had this stubborn virtue to the full; and so had that old Ironside Ireton from whom we are descended.
"The Master of Appleby" by Francis Lynde
The chickens scattered in all directions, all except Old Ironsides, the rooster.
"Raggedy Ann Stories" by Johnny Gruelle
The Constitution, called "Old Ironsides," was commanded by Captain Isaac Hull.
"Comic History of the United States" by Bill Nye
It is no more than an act of simple justice to Old Ironsides, however, to say, that he was as gentle as a lamb to the children of his master.
"Mike Marble" by Uncle Frank
Holmes, "Old Ironsides," poem of, 56.
"The Little Book of the Flag" by Eva March Tappan
Java, the, destroyed by "Old Ironsides," 180. the wheel of, fitted on "Old Ironsides," 181.
"Hero Stories from American History" by Albert F. Blaisdell
Off in triumph went the "Old Ironsides," and hasty repairs to her rigging were made.
"Stories of Our Naval Heroes" by Various
Hit us again, old Ironsides.
"The Streets of Ascalon" by Robert W. Chambers
The men I saw about the wharves, in woolen "jumpers" and heavy fishing boots, had the true "guinea-stamp" of the old Ironsides of the sea.
"Nooks and Corners of the New England Coast" by Samuel Adams Drake
It probably saved the "Constitution," "Old Ironsides," from capture by the traitors.
"The Oxford Book of American Essays" by Various
The ensign could scarcely have looked better upon Old Ironsides.
"With the Battle Fleet" by Franklin Matthews
Baldwin's first locomotive, "Old Ironsides," built.
"The Progress of Invention in the Nineteenth Century." by Edward W. Byrn

In poetry:

The Western Ocean is wide and deep,
And wild its tempests blow,
But bravely rides “Old Ironsides,”
A-cruising to and fro.
"The Constitution's Last Fight" by James Jeffrey Roche

In news:

USS Constitution sails to mark 1812 battle that earned it 'Old Ironsides ' nickname.
'Old Ironsides ' sets sail in Massachusetts.
Navy's 'Old Ironsides ' to sail again.
'Old Ironsides ' Fired Up for OpSail 2012.
Constitution, "Old Ironsides, " visited Santa Barbara twice as part of a three-year tour of US ports that began in 1931.
USS Constitution sails to mark 1812 battle that earned it ' Old Ironsides ' nickname.
' Old Ironsides ' sets sail in Massachusetts.
' Old Ironsides ' Fired Up for OpSail 2012.
USS Constitution ("Old Ironsides"), the oldest commissioned warship afloat, makes her annual Fourth of July "turnaround cruise" in Boston Harbor in 2002.
Old Ironsides @ 1901 10th Street in Sacramento.
Emergency crews at Spur 601 at Old Ironsides.
Nicknamed "Old Ironsides," the vessel is the oldest commissioned warship afloat in the world.
Naval History Magazine, December 2012Hull, Bainbridge, Stewart—the roll call of Old Ironsides' commanders during.
Naval History Magazine, December 2012Hull, Bainbridge, Stewart—the roll call of Old Ironsides' commanders during the War of 1812 conjures.
It was during this key battle of the War of 1812 that the USS Constitution earned her nickname "Old Ironsides".