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  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Octa- A combining form meaning eight; as in octodecimal, octolocular.
    • Octa- A prefix meaning eight. See Octo-.
    • ***


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. octo, eight, Gr. 'oktw`, with a combining form 'okta-. Cf. Eight


In literature:

Hengist begat Octa, who begat Ossa, who begat Eormenric, who begat Ethelbert, who begat Eadbald, who begat Ercombert, who begat Egbert.
"Old English Chronicles" by Various
Moreover Davies describes him as Octa, a son of the Saxon Hengist.
"Notes and Queries, Vol. IV, Number 104, October 25, 1851" by Various

In news:

Tonight, there are barely more than half a dozen people in the coach, sitting on blue seats stamped with the logo of the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA)—two triangles suggesting a roadway stretching into the distance.
End of the Line For some, OCTA's soon-to-be-eviscerated night-owl bus service is a lifeline.
The OCTA sure builds some interesting bus stops.
OCTA board votes down 19th Street Bridge.
OCTA kills proposed 19th Street Bridge.
OCTA Board Approves Balanced Budget .
Are bus riders really upset that the OCTA is raising fares come February.
T 604-408-0558 ext 221 F 604-408-0595 Toll Free 1-888-786-OCTA (6282).
Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait resigned from the OCTA board of directors this month.
Anaheim mayor quits OCTA board tait, anaheim, mayor, octa, transportation, high, rail, new, duties, time.
After hours of debate, the OCTA board voted 12-4 in favor of a $1.3 billion plan that adds one lane in each direction between Euclid Avenue and the I-605.

In science:

Furthermore, we have the symmetry groups of the five platonic solids (tetrahedron, cube, octa-, dodeca-, and icosahedron).
Quantum circuits for single-qubit measurements corresponding to platonic solids
Octa (open computational tool for advanced material technology).
Biological and synthetic membranes: What can be learned from a coarse-grained description?
By carrying out a sequence of fits, taking four consecutive lattices for each of them, we obtain the respective estimates of the exponent λocta, in order of increasing lattice size : 1.825, 1.809, 1.798, 1.794.
Finite-size scaling and conformal anomaly of the Ising model in curved space
It is remarkable the small deviation of the points from the law (3), even for the smaller lattices, which ensures that the estimates for λocta are converging to a value different to that expected in flat space.
Finite-size scaling and conformal anomaly of the Ising model in curved space