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  • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • a Matricidal Of or pertaining to matricide.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • matricidal Of or pertaining to matricide, or a person guilty of matricide.
    • ***


In literature:

They might with as much propriety call them matricides, if they did not agree with the milder teachings of their mothers.
"Over the Teacups" by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.
Shouts of "Sanio," "Histrio" (buffoon, actor), "Matricide!
"Quo Vadis" by Henryk Sienkiewicz
Not to grant it would be matricide.
"The Wandering Jew, Complete" by Eugene Sue
As in similar psychological situations, patricide and matricide followed.
"After the Rain" by Sam Vaknin
A man may be quietly parasitic upon his mother, and yet incapable of matricide.
"What is Coming?" by H. G. Wells
Associated Words: cognate, cognation, matricide, maternalism, uterine, matriarchy, matriarchal.
"Putnam's Word Book" by Louis A. Flemming
This dread of matricide her mother held always over her.
"The End Of The World" by Edward Eggleston
The matricide contrives murder on murder.
"The Tragedies of Euripides, Volume I." by Euripides
He was brought to this decision by a matricide perpetrated in cold blood at Subiaco, on September 5, 1599.
"Renaissance in Italy, Volumes 1 and 2" by John Addington Symonds
The poet Lucan, Seneca, the philosopher and defender of matricide, together with many others, were put to death.
"A Smaller History of Rome" by William Smith and Eugene Lawrence
Nero's matricide was not a crime, in so far as it was a positive outward act.
"Short Studies on Great Subjects" by James Anthony Froude
But Jove the deed prevents: Both bears away, and stays the matricide.
"The Metamorphoses of Publius Ovidus Naso in English blank verse Vols. I & II" by Ovid
He had to pass sentence of death upon an atrocious scoundrel convicted of matricide.
"The Life of Sir James Fitzjames Stephen, Bart., K.C.S.I." by Sir Leslie Stephen
O God, I was a guiltless matricide!
"The Dramatic Works of G. E. Lessing" by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing
Matricide; isn't that the most horrible of crimes?
"The Undying Past" by Hermann Sudermann
It was in vain that the son tried to avoid matricide.
"Omens and Superstitions of Southern India" by Edgar Thurston
And this although the Advocate General himself, in his speech for the Prosecution, had withdrawn the charge of matricide.
"My Memoirs" by Marguerite Steinheil
Paris is seared with cicatrices from the hands of her matricidal children, and Notre Dame especially so.
"A Wanderer in Paris" by E. V. Lucas

In news:

Symbolic matricide at the heart of a disturbing artistic vision.
Jeffrey Pyne matricide trial closing argument highlights.
Friedberger, Matthew The Neighbors Matricidal Sons of Bitches Thrill Jockey Records 2:22 AM.
Psychology testifying in the Rachelle Waterman matricide trial Thursday said research shows teens don't anticipate consequences of bad behavior, and often fail to think in the long term.