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  • Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Gowpen gowp′en (Scot.) the hollow of the hand or of the two hands held together: a handful.
    • ***


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Scand.; Ice. gaupn, Sw. göpen, Dan. gövn; Low Ger. göpse, göpsch, Ger. dial. gauf, gaufel.


In literature:

A hanfu' o' trade is worth a gowpen o' gold.
"The Proverbs of Scotland" by Alexander Hislop
Young Wellwood 'll gie her silks and satins by the wab, and siller in gowpens.
"Wilson's Tales of the Borders and of Scotland" by Various

In poetry:

"They honour'd an' prais'd him, an' gowpens o' gowd
They gather'd for him, an' right freely bestow'd;
Then swith to his ain mither's dwallin' he's gaun
Wi' the twa-thousan' cheque they laid in his haun.
"Grannie Mirk: A Stirling Grannie" by Janet Hamilton
She cried, and the tear-draps were dried on her cheeks,
O listen, my bairns (it's your mither that speaks);
Bring gowd in your gowpens to big up the touir:
Wi' the will there's a way, wi' the means there's a power.
"Auld Scotland At The Abbey Craig In November, 1864" by Janet Hamilton