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  • Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Fore-mentioned fōr-men′shund mentioned before in a writing or discourse.
    • ***


In literature:

But in all the American ships there was no mention of the names of the fore-cabin passengers.
"Mr. Hogarth's Will" by Catherine Helen Spence
For, what are the fore-mentioned objects but the things we perceive by sense?
"A Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge" by George Berkeley
At 6 we Anchor'd in 11 fathoms, Muddy bottom, under the West Shore, in the Second Cove within the fore-mentioned Island.
"Captain Cook's Journal During the First Voyage Round the World" by James Cook
Such a collection were reasonable at the fore-mentioned price.
"A Bibliographical, Antiquarian and Picturesque Tour in France and Germany, Volume Two" by Thomas Frognall Dibdin
Dunlap, who has been already mentioned, gained the fore-top.
"Thrilling Narratives of Mutiny, Murder and Piracy" by Anonymous
Proceed we then in this fore-mention'd matter, As nothing bound or trusting to his friendship.
"Jane Shore" by Nicholas Rowe
Besides those already mentioned, I find four or five other coarse caricatures of Robert's, published by Fores in 1818.
"English Caricaturists and Graphic Humourists of the Nineteenth Century." by Graham Everitt
Wherefore to the fore-mentioned purpose, I desire my executor to give him 50l.
"Notes and Queries, Number 237, May 13, 1854" by Various
It is on the functions of the fore-brain that interest now mainly focuses, for the reasons mentioned above.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Slice 4" by Various
This I was, from the fore-mentioned cause, totally ignorant of.
"Twenty-Five Years in the Rifle Brigade" by William Surtees
Dunlap, whom we have before mentioned, gained the fore top.
"History of Halifax City" by Thomas B. Akins

In science:

Most of the fore mentioned processes in resistors and Zener diodes have some memory effect. This means that an instantaneous voltage across the device depends on voltages in the (near) past and this in turn leads to a correlation among random numbers extracted there from.
Quantum random number generators and their use in cryptography
Equation (6.40) defines the boundaries of the fore mentioned “islands”.
Nonhermitean Random Matrix Models
Methods independent of external data sets such as the fore-mentioned VCV catalogue (which is not a statistically well-characterized sample of AGNs but a compilation of published results) are of particular interest.
Testing the isotropy of high energy cosmic rays using spherical needlets
ThereIn particular M (X ) fore the open cover we mentioned has a finite subcover.
Finiteness results for 3-folds with semiample anticanonical bundle