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Adi Granth


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n Adi Granth the principal sacred text of Sikhism contains hymns and poetry as well as the teachings of the first five gurus
    • ***


In literature:

ADI GRANTH, the sacred book of the Sikhs.
"The Nuttall Encyclopaedia" by Edited by Rev. James Wood
Arjun's compilation is called the Adi-granth, or original book, to distinguish it from the later additions made by Guru Govind.
"Hinduism And Buddhism, Volume II. (of 3)" by Charles Eliot
Religion der Sikhs (Leipzig, 1881); The Adi Granth (Eng.
"Introduction to the History of Religions" by Crawford Howell Toy
Nanek, founder of Sikh religion, and compiler of 'Adi-Granth' died here.
"A Literary and Historical Atlas of Asia" by J. G. Bartholomew